Outfit of the day

Did you know that ‘Plus Fours’, ( the trousers I’m wearing) are so called because that’s how many inches they sit below the knee? We took the puppies for a walk in the forest today, so some practicality was called for..! My silk blouse in 1930s from Mr Bee Vinatge with vintage Plus Fours which […]

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The Importance of Pronouns

What are Pronouns? Pronouns such as ‘you, she, he and they’ are examples of how we refer to others. My pronouns are she/her. Why do they matter?Pride month can sometimes be awash with rainbows but, in the case of some of the bigger corporations, devoid of action. As an ally I look for ways to […]

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Highstreet Happiness – Saddleworth

In my ‘Highstreet Happiness’ edits I love to be inspired by the character of local highstreets in the UK.  As more people turn to online shopping our British highstreets are undergoing a transformation through necessity as well as through desire.  Although many choose to shop solely online I firmly believe that highstreets have a place […]

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Goodbye S.A.D, Hello Happy

As someone who feels the cold in a major way – my husband kindly refers to me as ‘The Ice Queen’ a fact I hope is associated with my freezing hands and not the cold unfeeling depths of my heart – I always rejoice when Spring is on the way.  May especially is one of […]

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