Goodbye S.A.D, Hello Happy

As someone who feels the cold in a major way – my husband kindly refers to me as ‘The Ice Queen’ a fact I hope is associated with my freezing hands and not the cold unfeeling depths of my heart – I always rejoice when Spring is on the way.  May especially is one of my favourite months containing as it does all the beautiful pink blossom and topaz blue skies with candyfloss sunsets. There is something about Spring that makes everything feel lighter and full of promise.  You would think then that Summer is my absolute favourite but not so. The high Summer months of July, August and September instill in me a major F.O.M.O (fear of missing out).  I scarcely dare go back to my kitchen to make a cup of tea without worrying that when I return to the garden the sun will have disappeared.  I also suffer majorly with what I’ve now termed ‘Summer Guilt’ which prevents me from indulging in such simple pleasures as a lie in .  No, the sun is out and to the garden I must go regardless of my sleepy body cajoling for another half an hour under the duvet.

I started to think about how such a simple thing as seeing the sun in these early Spring days makes me feel immeasurably better about life.  During the first weeks of Spring I am more likely to exercise, eat healthy food  and generally change my outlook on life.  So this year I plan to make the absolute most of Spring by making the small changes I know will make me feel better.  Getting up as soon as the alarm goes off?  Let’s do it!  A little bit of exercise before breakfast?  Absolutely! Cleaning the bathroom before work?  Let’s not get carried away…  You see, New Year’s resolutions have never worked for me.  Too much pressure to start the year with additional things to do and ‘fail February’ which invariably sees me hiding under the duvet with a family sized bar of galaxy cursing the ‘January me’ for burdening myself with ridiculous responsibility.  Spring changes though?  That I can get on board with.  Little changes made now that will settle into a lovely routine for the rest of the year and help me to be healthier and happier.  So if anybody needs me I’ll be reading in the garden, not because I  have to but because I want to.  It’s one of the little things that makes me happy.

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