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Wow, it’s so nice to see you!  If we’ve met in one of my jewellery boutiques you’ll know a little bit about me already and I won’t be offended if you want to do away with all the formal introductions and scroll straight down to see what’s new and sparkly!  If we haven’t been introduced then it’s lovely to  e-meet you.

A quick peek at my businesses  @adornchesterfield and @acornjewellers on Instagram will tell you that I’m passionate about independent design.  In my two jewellery boutiques I work with small independent jewellery designers to offer Individual, Independent , Inspirational jewellery as an alternative to the ‘white noise’ that many of the main stream jewellers offer.  The idea behind this blog is to give me the freedom to shout about other designers, retailers and small businesses that I fall in love with and that you might fall in love with too.

 This blog has been a while in the ‘dreams and ambitions’ section of my mind.  We all have that don’t we? Some ideas sit covered with cobwebs for a while until we get the motivation to begin.  I own two businesses and we currently run the websites ourselves so it felt like a special kind of madness to launch my own blog as well.  I mean there are only so many hours in the day right??!! The idea here though is to give myself that little bit of space to share other things that are important to me but maybe a little bit less sparkle related.  I’m passionate about small business and high street shopping so you can expect to see snippets of different towns that I visit and new small businesses that I discover alongside ways to enjoy life from cosy dog friendly pubs to tips for a confident public speaking (do we really need to imagine people naked?).  I’m all for finding fun in life so let’s share jokes, tips and chit chat and have a lovely long laugh together.

Ooooh gosh I’m so excited!  Thank-You for joining me, just thinking about you reading my post has made me smile.  Do stop by @adaywithlj on Instagram and say hello soon.

Laura Jo xx



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