Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside – Robin Hoods Bay

As a small business owner I’m very fortunate that I really enjoy going to work however it also means that I guard my days off as preciously as Gollum with his ring and when I get time for a holiday the stakes are very high.  I love to be by the seaside and with our little Cairn Terrier as a companion if we can holiday in the UK it’s a win.

Living in Chesterfield means we have amazing access to a lot of the country as we’re just off junction 29 of the M1 however it is possibly the furthest that you can be from the seaside!  We usually head up to Yorkshire if we’re planning a short break and our absolute favourite by far is Robin Hood’s Bay.

This tiny little fishing village is in The North York Moors National Park 5 miles south of Whitby.  There’s a maze of tiny cobbled streets leading down a (very steep) hill to the beach.  Now, I’m a great lover of finding fossils (making no jokes about my husband here..) and the coast around Robin Hood’s Bay is a great place to look, especially for ammonites.  The tides in and around the bay are quick and unpredictable and it’s very easy to get cut off so do check tide times before you explore too far.  We’ve never had to swim for it but we have been very close to the top of the wellies which will tell you at what time of year we often go!


There are plenty of places to stay both in the bay and further up at the top of the hill.  They both have their benefits, staying down near the beach means that you don’t have to have legs of steel to complete the walk up and down the hill every day but very few of the cottages near to the beach have parking so if you’re planning to drive check to see if a parking permit is included in your accommodation and if so where it’s for as you may have to do that hill after all!  We’ve used Robin Hood’s Bay Holiday Cottages each time we’ve visited. They’re super easy to deal with and the places we’ve stayed have been clean, tidy and very welcoming.  Many of their properties are honestly dog friendly, by this I mean that some websites are very much ‘keep your sandy paws off our wooden floors’ but Gandalf has been welcomed by Robin Hoods Bay Holiday Cottages each time for a small additional charge and has even had his own gravy bone snack included.  One happy woof! The dog friendly cottages are listed on the website under the details for each property to make it nice and easy.


If you’re visiting for more than a day do make sure you check out the Robin Hood’s Bay Ghost Walk which starts around 8pm from the old lifeboat station at the bottom of the bay.  The lady who leads the tour is knowledgeable and witty, a true pleasure and a great way to find out some of the history and folklore of the area. The Old Coast guard Station and museum are also good fun and if you happen to be visiting over Easter the local WI organise a great craft and gift fair up at the top of the bay which is handily near an independent art gallery with some beautiful paintings of the coast and moors.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink which are mostly good pub food.  Many of the pubs are dog friendly but a few of the restaurants aren’t.  If you’re asking for a recommendation (and why wouldn’t you?) The Old Post has fantastic fish finger sandwiches and The Bay Hotel has fab views of the beach to enjoy with your scampi and chips.  I don’t think scampi is optional when you’re this close to Whitby so make sure you sample some, it would be rude not to!

So that’s Robin Hood’s Bay in a nutshell.  I’d love to hear your stories if you visited, did you find any fossils?  Let me know what you enjoyed about this fabulous village.

Until next time, tiddly om pom pom…









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